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Revolutionary Drug Therapy

Transforming Drugs to Be Less Toxic and More Effective

Luminus Biosciences has created a groundbreaking drug delivery platform using lipid drug nanospheres stabilized by protein to formulate poorly water soluble molecules. The formulation is less toxic and the nanospheres carry the drugs directly to the cells resulting in improved efficacy. Luminus Biosciences supports research and development of drug molecules for treatment of cancer, epilepsy, first-degree burns, pain management and ophthalmic ailments.

Drugs that are not soluble in water have problems in delivering to humans. Luminus Biosciences’ drug platform makes molecules less toxic and more efficient, making the treatments cost effective with reduced adverse reactions. Luminus harnesses 20+ years of scientific experience in drug nanotechnology to advance cancer therapies. Our work is supported by world-class science and intellectual property covering the globe.

Lipid-Albumin Stabilized Solid Nanoparticles (“LASSN™”)

Luminus owns a proprietary Lipid-Albumin Stabilized Solid Nanoparticles (“LASSN™”) drug delivery platform with unique product composition and process claims. The LASSN™ platform enables the improvement of cancer drugs with drug nanoparticles stabilized by lipid and human albumin to overcome toxicity and efficacy issues associated with the synthetic surfactant-based cancer drugs currently used in the chemotherapy market.

Advanced Ophthalmic Formulations

Luminus also develops Ophthalmic Emulsions and Suspensions following ANDA and NDA regulatory pathways.

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